GAP Tournament Handicap System Fact Sheet

What is the GAP Tournament Handicap System?

It is a system that, combined with Section 10-3 – Exceptional Tournament Scores of the USGA Handicap System, provides a non-arbitrary way to adjust handicaps for continued success in tournaments.

How does the system work?

The system, modeled after the Knuth Tournament Point System, is based upon awarding points to NET finishers in competitions that are important enough to be designated as "tournament scores" (see USGA Handicap System manual) with at least 50 competitors. Players or teams that finish in the top 5 overall net places in the tournament will be awarded the appropriate number of points as listed on the table below. In the event of a tie, each of the individuals or teams would earn the full number of points for that placing (i.e. tie for second place, both teams receive 4 points).

Tournament Position (Net)

Points Received

1st Place

5 Points

2nd Place

4 Points

3rd Place

3 Points

4th Place

2 Points

5th Place

1 Points

If a player accumulates 7 points over a rolling two-year period, his handicap for an upcoming tournament will be reduced by two shots. Two additional points earned by the player in this rolling two year period will result in an additional stroke being subtracted from their handicap for the upcoming tournament. Once a player accumulates eleven or more points, their handicap will be reduced by a total of four points.

Total Points Accumulated
Tournament Handicap

7 or 8 points

2 Strokes

9 or 10 points

3 Strokes

11 or 12 points

4 Strokes

For every additional
two points

Add 1 more stroke

The rolling calendar will adjust at the completion of a NET event (i.e. the 2005 Warner Net will be removed from the system upon completion of the 2007 Warner Net).

Is the player’s tournament handicap or USGA handicap index reduced?

The system has been created reduce only the tournament handicap. However this system, if used at the club level, will provide valuable guidance as to an appropriate level of handicap modification information for the club’s Handicap Committee.

Which events count toward the system?

All Net GAP events with more than 50 players are included in the system. In 2008, the following event will be included in the GAP Tournament Handicap System; Annual Meeting, Chairmen's Meeting, Chapman (Net), Fall Net Championship, Father-Son (Middle, Older), Four-Man Team, Pro-Pres. Golf & Green, Senior Four-Man Team, Senior Four-Ball, Spring Net, Volunteers Day and Warner Cup (Net).

Can outside club event be included in the system?

Under the guidance of the Knuth Tournament Point System, the system could include events outside GAP. However the Golf Association of Philadelphia is using only GAP events to calculate points accumulated. It would be possible for a club that adopts a similar system to include DSGA, GAP, NJSGA, PGA Section, WGAP, etc. events.

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