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  Checkpoint Official

Tournament Volunteer Application

Volunteer hours: Checkpoint times are 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (early)/1:15-5:45 p.m. (late)

1. A responsible Checkpoint Official should always arrive at the facility in a timely manner. Upon arrival, the Checkpoint Official should locate the Official in Charge and pick up any prepared materials and a radio. Checkpoint officials will be permitted to use a cart to get to either No. 4 green or No. 13 green.

2. Once play has begun the Checkpoint Official should:

  • Check the time listed for each group to finish the hole and record the actual time.
  • Request the scorecards for each group that comes through your checkpoint.
  • Record those scores on the provided materials and return the scorecards to the proper players as quickly as possible.
  • At no time should the players have to wait for their scorecards to be returned to them. The players can continue their round and an official will make sure their cards are returned to them as quickly as possible.
  • Radio the Official in Charge using Channel No. 1 for any group that hasn’t reached the checkpoint at the proper time or earlier. The time listed will be the time to finish the No. 4. and No. 13 holes.
  • Radio the scores to the Scoreboard Official using Channel No. 3 so that those scores can be entered into “Live Scoring.”

Dress Code

  • The GAP Uniform for consists of Khaki Pants and White Shirt with GAP Logo.
  • You should bring appropriate clothing to cope with harsh weather (hat, sunglasses, umbrella, etc.).
  • Only hats with a GAP Logo may be worn. GAP Volunteer Hats are available at the Golf Office and are free of charge to the Volunteers.