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Tournament Volunteer Application

Volunteer hours: Checkpoint times are 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. (early)/4-6 p.m. (late)

1. A responsible Scorer should always arrive early and be positioned in the scoring area 15 minutes prior to the completion of the first group.

2. The Official accepting scorecards should:

  • At all times remain highly visible.
  • Remind each player of his responsibility to accurately report his hole-by-hole score and of the requirement that he and his marker both sign the card.
  • Remind each player that once they have returned the scorecard and left the scoring area, the score is official and no mistakes or corrections can be made.
  • The Officials Responsibility - is to total each players score. The contestants should be asked to remain at the table until each player’s total score can be verified. If a discrepancy exists that is apparently due to addition, ask the player if his hole scores are correct. If they are correct the score as added stands. If they are not, notify a Staff Member immediately.
  • Each scorecard should be initialed by the Official to indicate that the total has been verified. All scorecards, including those marked "NC", must be sent to the scoreboard for posting. NOTE: when an Official is required to mark a scorecard for any reason, he should do so with a colored marker or pen that will distinguish his notations from the player’s.
  • Record finishing times and scores, including NC’s, on a master pairing sheet and give to the GAP Staff at the end of the round.
  • A key essential to a well run scoring area is timeliness. Please do your best to keep up with the number of cards being accepted. This will reduce the number of mistakes and rulings needed in the scoring area.
3. We need our Scoring Officials to be strong in their knowledge of the Rules of Golf. The following are the Rules and Decision that a Starting Official must fully understand. Please take the time to read them prior to each event that you work.
  • Rule #6 and all related decisions
  • Rule #33 and all related decisions
  • All information contained in Appendix 1

Dress Code

  • The GAP Uniform for consists of Khaki Pants and White Shirt with GAP Logo.
  • You should bring appropriate clothing to cope with harsh weather (hat, sunglasses, umbrella, etc.).
  • Only hats with a GAP Logo may be worn. GAP Volunteer Hats are available at the Golf Office and are free of charge to the Volunteers.