Member Benefits

  How to Join the Golf Association of Philadelphia


  Several Golf Association of Philadelphia Member Clubs opted to participate in an on-line registration program, so joining a club is easy. At a cost of $50 per one full calendar year, golfers can establish a handicap and have the club they select host their handicap index.

• Subscriptions to the Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine, Golf Digest, Global Golf Post & The Grain
• Access to GAP Member Play Days
• Post scores on-line via My GAP Locker or The GAP App
• Maintain an active USGA Handicap Index
• eRevisions: e-mailed handicap updates on the 1st and 15th of each month

*This Individual Membership does not include access to the BMW GAP Team Matches,
Winter Series events or Golf Association of Philadelphia Championship tournaments.*

Golf Society

  Assemble a group of at least 10 friends and form your own club. Golf Societies are ideal for businesses small and large to promote healthy activity to their employees. Studies show that golfers exceed 10,000 steps and burn nearly 2,000 calories during a typical round, which meets the guideline for exercise recommended by most physicians.


Full Level
Associate Level
Affiliate Level

  The Golf Association of Philadelphia features more than 200 Member Clubs, including its Associate Clubs — all of which are licensed to issue handicaps. A golfer can go through the membership process at one of the private clubs or visit one of the public clubs in an attempt to inquire about joining and acquiring a USGA Handicap Index. If you join one of our full Member Clubs, you’ll be eligible for all GAP events and championships in addition to the other great individual membership benefits.