The Golf Association of Philadelphia is proud to offer access to the TrackMan Swing and Ball Flight Analysis system to its membership.

  TrackMan is the standard for equipment makers, PGA Tour professionals and the sport’s governing bodies, the USGA and the R&A.

  The Association offers TrackMan Member Analysis Days, presented by Volvik, throughout the season, where individuals can go through a variety of tests, including the Shot Analysis, Driver Fitting or the TrackMan Combine.

Click here for our TrackMan event schedule.

  For GAP Member Clubs, TrackMan is available for rent throughout the year. Want to use TrackMan as part of a Demo Day at your club? Perhaps you want to run a long drive contest during your invitational? TrackMan is the perfect complement to a nice day of golf at your club.

  For more information, contact Mario Machi in the GAP office at 610-687-2340, ext. 20, or email mmachi@gapgolf.org.

Dom DiJulia School of Golf

  The Golf Association of Philadelphia has partnered with TrackMan expert Dom DiJulia and his school at Jericho National Golf Club to provide tips on improving your game.

Video series
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Episode 5 - TrackMan & the Four Steps to Mastery
Episode 6 - Just Get Me Started Series Intro
Episode 7 - Ball Flight
Episode 8 - Club Delivery
Episode 9 - Combined Data

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