GAP Chat

  GAP Chat is a Web-based series that features features past Golf Association of Philadelphia tournament players, supporters and regional figureheads recalling their experiences and accomplishments both on and off the course. Formerly known as the Legends video series, it acts as a gateway to the story behind the story and further showcases the organization’s rich history. To nominate an individual for GAP Chat, contact Tony Regina at 610-687-2340 ext. or via e-mail at

A conversation with …
O. Gordon Brewer, Jr.
Tom Conboy
Paul Erhardt, III
James Finegan, Sr.
Herman Fry
Blaise Giroso
John Guenther, Jr.
Bob Levy
John Markel
Bob McMahon
Trip O’Donnell
Steve Probst
Lou Riggs
Lincoln Roden, III
Bobbie Rose
Don Weiland