USGA Handicap Services

The Golf Association of Philadelphia joins 73 state, regional and national associations in providing USGA’s GHIN service to Member Clubs. More than 2.1 million golfers from more than 13,000 member clubs across the country have handicaps provided by the USGA’s GHIN (Golf Handicap & Information Network) service. GAP/GHIN provides the following services:

  • Computerized Handicap Service
  • Internet score posting for Handicap purposes
  • USGA Tournament Management Software (2017)

Handicap Service

Scores are entered on a club-provided computer either by the golfer or batch entered by the Handicap Chairman. Scores can also be entered via the Internet if the club has authorized internet score posting.

Scores of a GHIN golfer who plays at another GHIN club can be entered into GHIN at the site and routed by the system back to the golfer’s home GHIN club.

Golfers may see their handicap record with all its detail, including USGA Handicap Index and Course Handicap. They may also view their "Trend" — the equivalent of a daily handicap.

A very important feature of GAP’s Handicap Service is golfer inquiries. A GAP/GHIN club may obtain handicap information about any of the nearly 4.5 million golfers on the GHIN system. Verifying handicaps for member-guest and invitation tournaments is right at your fingertips.

Internet score posting for Handicap purposes

As long as your respective club authorizes Internet posting for its members, GAP/GHIN users will be able to post their scores on the Internet at www.ghin.com or here at www.gapgolf.org.

Although the USGA prefers users posting at their home club, as long as your club allows Internet posting, club members will be able to enter scores, to view their handicap and their 20 score history. If a golfer is a member of a club that allows it, scores can be posted directly to GHIN through www.ghin.com. The scores will immediately become part of the golfer’s scoring record and will be at the club’s handicap computer the next time it connects to the GHIN network.