Play Ready Pledge

Play Ready Pledge aims to improve pace of play

  In an ongoing effort to fulfill its mission of preserving, protecting and promoting the game, the Golf Association of Philadelphia unveils its Play Ready Pledge — an initiative that encourages all members to improve pace of play on the course.

   “Having the right policy in place will help golf clubs and courses manage pace of play. However it is up to us as golfers to ensure that we play the game at a fun and fast pace,” Mark Peterson, the Association’s Executive Director, said. “That is why we are asking all GAP members to take the pledge and play ready golf.”

  The Play Ready Pledge encourages GAP members to be aware of their pace of play during a round of golf. By signing the pledge, members show their commitment to protecting the game. Members who sign will also receive a Play Ready Pledge bag tag that features tips on how to improve pace of play.


  • Don’t be afraid to shorten your pre-shot routine and be prepared to play ready golf from the 1st tee to the 18th green

  • Walk at a brisk pace between shots

  • Always be aware of where your group is in relation to the group in front of you, the group behind you should have no bearing on your pace of play

  • Obtain your yardage and select your club before it is your turn to play

  • If possible, be prepared to read your putt before it is your turn to play

  • Place your golf bag or park your golf cart near the next teeing ground

  • Understand that the Rules of Golf allow you to play a Provisional Ball if your ball might be lost outside a water hazard or out-of-bounds

  • Don’t be afraid to try different forms of play (match play, stableford or alternate shot)

  • If you don’t have time for 18-holes, play nine

The Play Ready Pledge reinforces the current United States Golf Association (USGA) initiative, a broad effort that comprises five major research and education elements now in development. Those elements include analysis of key factors, research to produce pace-of-play modeling, pace rating system, on-site assistance at golf courses and player education programs.