Rules of Golf

Since its inception in 1897, the Golf Association of Philadelphia has administered the Rules of Golf as established by the USGA and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, Scotland, by providing officials at its various competitions and rules advice to Member Clubs.

  Every spring, the Association invites officials of its Member Clubs to its Club Rules Seminar. If you need a Rules of Golf refresher, or are a first-timer interested in learning the rules, this is the ticket. Contact the Golf Office for more information at 610-687-2340 ext. 14.

  The Association also offers high school rules seminars. Coaches may contact Chris Roselle, GAP Tournament Director, at 610-687-2340 ext. 29 or via e-mail at The Golf Association of Philadelphia provides a rule book and a membership to the USGA partners program for free for all scholar-athletes who attend. Each coach receives a complimentary Decision Book.

  Want to test your rules knowledge? Take the Rules Quiz.

  Whether you are just beginning or have been studying the rules for years, it is essential to have a current Rules of Golf. This 144-page book contains all the information necessary to understand the rules of golf. However, if you find yourself craving more, the USGA also produces The Decisions on the Rules of Golf. The decisions are official proclamations from the USGA and R&A that explain the Rules of Golf.

  To obtain a copy of the Rules of Golf or The Decisions on the Rules of Golf click on the following link USGA Publications.