GAP Junior Program

  PLAY Golf Program

     The Golf Association of Philadelphia, in conjunction with the United States Golf Association, launched a program known as PLAY Golf in 2000. Its purpose is to assist community efforts to expand access to golf for urban youth.

  The PLAY Golf program established contact with 13 youth programs across the region and provided many with golf balls, clubs and volunteers. Fundraising programs are being developed to make the program self-supporting and to provide additional support for community efforts to bring young people to golf.

PLAY Golf program goals
• Assist area programs funded by the USGA with specific needs, which might include equipment, golf balls, volunteers, instruction and fundraising
• Identify program participants who seem most interested in golf. Working with interested Member Clubs, the GAP and the J. Wood Platt Caddie Scholarship Trust to direct those interested to caddie opportunities and ultimately to assistance in obtaining higher education
• Open discussions with area organizations that have a similar focus to see how resources can be used to avoid duplication of effort and obtain the greatest possible impact
• Raise funds from foundations and other sources to provide the most assistance possible to ensure self-sustainability