Platt Caddie Scholarships are based on financial need. Current monetary awards range from $1,000 to $10,000 per academic year for both undergraduate and graduate students.

If it is determined that an applicant has no financial need, they will be admitted as an Honorary Caddie-Scholar.

The mission of the Scholarship is to meet the financial need of all applicants while at the same time preserving one of the great traditions of the game. We encourage all caddies to apply.

To apply you must be a senior in high school, of already enrolled in college, be academically qualified, and be currently serving as a caddie at a Member Club of the Golf Association of Philadelphia (minimum of one full season of caddying required at time of application).

Benefits of being a Platt Caddie-Scholar include:
  • Utilizing over 130 Mentors in the Caddie Contacts Program
  • Attending the Annual Career Workshop
  • Attending the Annual Caddie Brunch
  • Listing the Platt Caddie Scholarship on a resume or job application
  • Becoming a member of the Platt Alumni Association
  • Recognition for being a caddie
The step-by-step process in applying for a J. Wood Platt Scholarship:

1 -- Caddie at a club for a minimum of one season (two full seasons preferred). Your caddying record will be verified with your club’s caddie master.

2 -- Complete the J. Wood Platt scholarship application, which you can find a link to below. This must be completed by October 31.

3 -- Provide a letter of recommendation from your club’s caddie master, head professional, or a board member, attesting to your skills as a caddie (one page maximum). Letter must be received by October 31.

4 -- Provide a copy of your high school transcript, through the completion of your junior year, by October 31. If you are already enrolled in college, supply your most recent transcript, also by October 31.

5 -- Obtain a copy of your Student Aid Report, or FAFSA, which must include your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) score. You can access this here beginning October 1. The Platt office must also receive this by October 31.

6 -- Schedule and attend an interview with members of the Platt’s Board of Trustees and the Platt Scholarship Director. These will be held in March 2019.

7 -- Obtain a copy of what is commonly referred to as your School Award Letter and send it to the Platt offices. This is a listing of all grants, loans, and scholarships that you will receive in your upcoming college academic year. You can contact the Financial Aid department of the college or university you are attending, or will be attending, for a copy. This form must be received by the Platt office by May 15, 2019.

8 -- The Platt will announce its grants for 2019-20 in June 2019. You will receive a letter from the Platt, mailed to your home address. Your college or university will then receive notice from the Platt, along with payment of your grant.

PLEASE NOTE -- You must be enrolled as a full-time student, seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree, to be eligible for a scholarship. In addition, if your parents are members at a private golf club you are not eligible for a scholarship and may not apply.