WeekTeamH/ASingle PointsW/LOpposing Team
Front 9Back 9Match� PtTotalTeamOpponentScore
05/01/2022Huntingdon Valley 2A000-0LElkview 1J Burns3
04/24/2022Huntingdon Valley 1H000-0LPhila Cricket 2B Fischer3
04/10/2022Huntingdon Valley 2A111-3WFox Hill 1M Behm0
05/02/2021Huntingdon Valley 2H111-3WApplebrook 1D Giltz0
04/25/2021Huntingdon Valley 2A000-0LNorthampton 1S Kluemper3
04/18/2021Huntingdon Valley 2A11-2�WSchuylkill 1S Murphy
05/05/2019Philmont 1A00-LCC of Scranton 1M Lynch2�
04/28/2019Philmont 1A111-3WBent Creek 1R Weaver0
04/14/2019Philmont 1A000-0LWhitemarsh 1S Carlin3
05/06/2018Philmont 1H000-0LOld York Road 1J Samaha3
04/29/2018Philmont 1A010-1LHuntingdon Valley 2N Hermansader2
04/22/2018Philmont 1A101-2WMoselem Springs 1R Finn1
05/07/2017Philmont 1H10-1�TTavistock 1M Tash1�
04/30/2017Philmont 1A000-0LGlenmaura National 1M Dougherty3
04/23/2017Philmont 1A000-0LLlanerch 1K McDermott3
05/01/2016Philmont 1A101-2WCC of Scranton 1B Flickinger1
04/17/2016Philmont 1A11-2�WFieldstone 1K Kimmel
04/10/2016Philmont 1A111-3WYardley 1C Lilley0
05/03/2015Philmont 1A000-0LRiverCrest 1G McCabe3
04/26/2015Philmont 1A000-0LApplebrook 1D Hutchison3
04/19/2015Philmont 1A10-1�THoneybrook 1E Chandler1�
05/04/2014Philmont 1A011-2WTorresdale 1G Braun1
04/27/2014Philmont 1A11-2�WFieldstone 1P Kupcha
04/13/2014Philmont 1H11-2�WNorthampton 1J Bingaman
05/05/2013Philmont 1A111-3WWoodstone 1T Whiteash0
04/28/2013Philmont 1H111-3WSandy Run 1C Clauson0
04/21/2013Philmont 1H111-3WMerion 2J Capers0
Singles Record (14-11-2)
Better Ball PointsW
Opposing Team
05/01/2022Huntingdon Valley 2B. MannixA000-0LElkview 1J. Burns/A. Rusnak3
04/24/2022Huntingdon Valley 1J. FazioH000-0LPhila Cricket 2M. Carr/B. Fischer3
04/10/2022Huntingdon Valley 2B. MannixA111-3WFox Hill 1M. Behm/D. Crossin0
05/02/2021Huntingdon Valley 2S. OwensH11-2�WApplebrook 1D. Giltz/D. Arison
04/25/2021Huntingdon Valley 2S. OwensA000-0LNorthampton 1S. Kluemper/K. Buchman3
04/18/2021Huntingdon Valley 2S. OwensA00-LSchuylkill 1S. Murphy/A. Evans2�
05/05/2019Philmont 1S. NocitoA100-1LCC of Scranton 1M. Lynch/C. Dennis2
04/28/2019Philmont 1B. MooreA111-3WBent Creek 1R. Weaver/A. Over0
04/14/2019Philmont 1S. LandsbergA000-0LWhitemarsh 1S. Carlin/C. Cowles3
05/06/2018Philmont 1S. LandsbergH00-LOld York Road 1J. Samaha/J. Rosenbaum2�
04/29/2018Philmont 1S. LandsbergA010-1LHuntingdon Valley 2N. Hermansader/N. Damm2
04/22/2018Philmont 1B. MooreA111-3WMoselem Springs 1R. Finn/J. Lelii0
05/07/2017Philmont 1S. NocitoH000-0LTavistock 1D. Ergood/M. Tash3
04/30/2017Philmont 1S. NocitoA000-0LGlenmaura National 1S. Hudacek/M. Dougherty3
04/23/2017Philmont 1S. DalyA100-1LLlanerch 1K. McDermott/A. Penza2
05/01/2016Philmont 1M. LamA100-1LCC of Scranton 1B. Flickinger/P. Moxen2
04/17/2016Philmont 1D. DotzmanA111-3WFieldstone 1K. Kimmel/S. Welte0
04/10/2016Philmont 1D. DotzmanA11-2�WYardley 1C. Lilley/P. Bartholomew
05/03/2015Philmont 1T. RiccaA000-0LRiverCrest 1G. McCabe/T. Collins3
04/26/2015Philmont 1T. RiccaA000-0LApplebrook 1D. Hutchison/S. Minnick3
04/19/2015Philmont 1T. RiccaA100-1LHoneybrook 1E. Chandler/S. Blanken2
05/04/2014Philmont 1D. DotzmanA10-1�TTorresdale 1G. Braun/C. Szal1�
04/27/2014Philmont 1G. MeyerA11-2�WFieldstone 1P. Kupcha/D. BERNARD
04/13/2014Philmont 1N. GravesH010-1LNorthampton 1J. Bingaman/E. Marone2
05/05/2013Philmont 1J. ClaffeyA111-3WWoodstone 1T. Whiteash/T. Kline0
04/28/2013Philmont 1S. DalyH111-3WSandy Run 1C. Clauson/R. Kruse0
04/21/2013Philmont 1S. DalyH111-3WMerion 2J. Capers/G. Baum0
Better Ball Record (10-16-1)

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