WeekTeamH/ASingle PointsW/LOpposing Team
Front 9Back 9Match� PtTotalTeamOpponentScore
05/02/2021Phila Cricket 2H000-0LPhila Cricket 1S Semenetz3
04/18/2021Phila Cricket 2H111-3WLedgeRock 1J Krumholz0
05/07/2017Phila Cricket 2H00-LHuntingdon Valley 1C Hill2�
04/23/2017Phila Cricket 2H11-2�WCommonwealth 1S Torpey
05/01/2016Phila Cricket 3H000-0LWaynesborough 1H Hanson3
04/17/2016Phila Cricket 3H111-3WRunning Deer 1R Dare0
05/03/2015Phila Cricket 2A010-1LWhitemarsh 1P Cahill2
04/27/2014Phila Cricket 2H01-1�TCC of Scranton 1M Costa1�
04/13/2014Phila Cricket 2A011-2WRiverCrest 1R Moyer1
04/28/2013Phila Cricket 2A-1�TSakima 1D Jordan1�
04/21/2013Phila Cricket 2H111-3WOld York (NJ) 2C Johnston0
04/10/2011Phila Cricket 2H101-2WStone Harbor 1M ZUCCATO1
04/25/2010Phila Cricket 2A1112�5�WHidden Creek 1D Fraser0
05/06/2007Phila Cricket 1H0112�WYardley 1D Charen1
04/29/2007Phila Cricket 1H0112�WPhilmont 1B Meyer1
04/30/2006Phila Cricket 1H0112�WCommonwealth 1J Robinson1
04/09/2006Phila Cricket 1H11114WMerion 1R Harrington0
04/24/2005Phila Cricket 1H0112�WYardley 1J Giordano1
05/02/2004Phila Cricket 1A0112�WKennett Square 1J Piacentino1
04/25/2004Phila Cricket 1A11114WDoylestown 1G Podhor0
04/18/2004Phila Cricket 1A1111�4�WCoatesville 1C Smedley0
Singles Record (15-4-2)
Better Ball PointsW
Opposing Team
05/02/2021Phila Cricket 2T. StewartH00-LPhila Cricket 1S. Semenetz/B. Borst2�
04/18/2021Phila Cricket 2S. McFallH11-2�WLedgeRock 1G. Skyllas/J. Krumholz
05/07/2017Phila Cricket 2D. FeeneyH000-0LHuntingdon Valley 1B. Cooley/C. Hill3
04/23/2017Phila Cricket 2D. FeeneyH11-2�WCommonwealth 1B. Diakon/S. Torpey
05/01/2016Phila Cricket 3M. MoranH00-LWaynesborough 1H. Hanson/G. Warzecha2�
04/17/2016Phila Cricket 3J. WybarH111-3WRunning Deer 1R. Dare/T. Alestock0
05/03/2015Phila Cricket 2S. LubinA011-2WWhitemarsh 1C. Lynch/P. Cahill1
04/27/2014Phila Cricket 2D. FeeneyH00-LCC of Scranton 1J. Horutz/M. Costa2�
04/13/2014Phila Cricket 2M. PetersonA11-2�WRiverCrest 1T. Westfall/R. Moyer
04/28/2013Phila Cricket 2T. CarterA011-2WSakima 1A. Willadsen/D. Jordan1
04/21/2013Phila Cricket 2B. BorstH111-3WOld York (NJ) 2G. McClelland/C. Johnston0
04/10/2011Phila Cricket 2A. AnthonyH111-3WStone Harbor 1M. ZUCCATO/R. Sweigart0
04/25/2010Phila Cricket 2R. PensabeneA11125WHidden Creek 1D. Fraser/M. Maglio0
05/06/2007Phila Cricket 1J. DonnellyH01001LYardley 1P. Rogowicz/D. Charen2�
04/29/2007Phila Cricket 1J. SumnerH0101�TPhilmont 1J. Lavin/B. Meyer1�
04/30/2006Phila Cricket 1R. AdeH1113�WCommonwealth 1J. Robinson/M. Anderson
04/09/2006Phila Cricket 1A. MaguireH1113�WMerion 1B. Charpek/R. Harrington0
04/24/2005Phila Cricket 1A. MaguireH000LYardley 1P. Rogowicz/J. Giordano3�
05/02/2004Phila Cricket 1M. PetersonA1111�4�WKennett Square 1J. Piacentino/W. Ashton0
04/25/2004Phila Cricket 1M. PetersonA1113�WDoylestown 1G. Podhor/J. Bartow0
04/18/2004Phila Cricket 1J. WhiteA1111�4�WCoatesville 1C. Smedley/J. Curley0
Better Ball Record (14-6-1)

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