WeekTeamH/ASingle PointsW/LOpposing Team
Front 9Back 9Match� PtTotalTeamOpponentScore
04/25/2021Glenmaura National 1A00-LRunning Deer 1J Harris2�
04/22/2012Glenmaura National 1A000-0LPhila Cricket 1J Brennan3
05/01/2011Glenmaura National 1A11-2�WTavistock 1B Arthur
04/17/2011Glenmaura National 1A000-0LYardley 1P Rogowicz3
04/10/2011Glenmaura National 1A000-0LRiverCrest 1C Bernard3
05/02/2010Glenmaura National 1A1111�4�WPhila Country 1K Collons0
04/25/2010Glenmaura National 1A00000LCommonwealth 1B Diakon4�
04/18/2010Glenmaura National 1A0101�TLlanerch 1S Coyle1�
05/03/2009Glenmaura National 1H1012�WLinks 1B Moule1
04/19/2009Glenmaura National 1A00000LJericho National 1M Donovan4�
05/04/2008Glenmaura National 1A00000LManufacturers’ 1V Schill5
04/27/2008Glenmaura National 1A00000LYardley 1P Rogowicz5
05/06/2007Glenmaura National 1A01�TConcord 1J DellaFranco1�
04/29/2007Glenmaura National 1A00000LSandy Run 1F Treml4�
04/22/2007Glenmaura National 1A1113�WAronimink 1J Snider0
04/30/2006Glenmaura National 1A00000LShore 1M Agger4
04/23/2006Glenmaura National 1H0101�TCC of Scranton 1M Vassil1�
04/09/2006Glenmaura National 1A111�3�WFieldstone 1J Rogatz
05/01/2005Glenmaura National 1H1111�4�WKennett Square 1J Hollander0
04/24/2005Glenmaura National 1A1113�WMerion 2G Baum
05/02/2004Glenmaura National 1H01001LMeadia Heights 1T Knox2�
04/25/2004Glenmaura National 1A112�WBent Creek 1D Ranalli
Singles Record (8-11-3)
Better Ball PointsW
Opposing Team
04/25/2021Glenmaura National 1V. ScarpettaA10-1�TRunning Deer 1J. Harris/J. Devito1�
04/22/2012Glenmaura National 1M. CummingsA000-0LPhila Cricket 1J. Brennan/R. Savarese Jr.3
05/01/2011Glenmaura National 1S. Hudacek IIIA000-0LTavistock 1J. Slonis/B. Arthur3
04/17/2011Glenmaura National 1S. Hudacek IIIA011-2WYardley 1P. Rogowicz/P. Sawyer1
04/10/2011Glenmaura National 1S. Hudacek IIIA000-0LRiverCrest 1C. Bernard/J. Bernard3
05/02/2010Glenmaura National 1S. Hudacek IIIA1111�4�WPhila Country 1K. Collons/C. Curley0
04/25/2010Glenmaura National 1S. Hudacek IIIA0101�TCommonwealth 1B. Diakon/J. Witt1�
04/18/2010Glenmaura National 1S. Hudacek IIIA113WLlanerch 1S. Coyle/M. Fuessinger
05/03/2009Glenmaura National 1J. EmilianiH1111�4�WLinks 1J. Roeder/B. Moule0
04/19/2009Glenmaura National 1P. MitchellA000LJericho National 1M. Donovan/M. Hutchinson2�
05/04/2008Glenmaura National 1V. ScarpettaA00000LManufacturers’ 1G. May/V. Schill4
04/27/2008Glenmaura National 1G. LATIMERA00000LYardley 1P. Rogowicz/T. Sawyer4
05/06/2007Glenmaura National 1V. ScarpettaA00000LConcord 1J. DellaFranco/J. Jachetti3�
04/29/2007Glenmaura National 1V. ScarpettaA00000LSandy Run 1F. Treml/B. Conboy5
04/22/2007Glenmaura National 1C. DavisA1113�WAronimink 1J. Lewis/J. Snider0
04/30/2006Glenmaura National 1V. ScarpettaA1001�TShore 1M. Agger/J. Ridgway1�
04/23/2006Glenmaura National 1G. LATIMERH1012�WCC of Scranton 1M. Vassil/J. O’Brien1
04/09/2006Glenmaura National 1S. Hudacek IIIA112�WFieldstone 1J. Rogatz/S. Danby
05/01/2005Glenmaura National 1E. CimochH0112�WKennett Square 1M. Moser/J. Hollander1
04/24/2005Glenmaura National 1G. LATIMERA000LMerion 2J. Luntey/G. Baum2�
05/02/2004Glenmaura National 1V. ScarpettaH1012�WMeadia Heights 1K. Knox/T. Knox1
04/25/2004Glenmaura National 1V. ScarpettaA1113�WBent Creek 1M. Brown/D. Ranalli0
Better Ball Record (10-9-3)

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