WeekTeamH/ASingle PointsW/LOpposing Team
Front 9Back 9Match� PtTotalTeamOpponentScore
05/07/2023Glenmaura National 1A00-LMerion 1R Valutas2�
04/30/2023Glenmaura National 1A111-3W1912 1G Rosato0
04/23/2023Glenmaura National 1A11-2�WNorth Hills 1R Curry
05/01/2022Glenmaura National 1A000-0LPhila Cricket 1J Brennan3
04/24/2022Glenmaura National 1H111-3WNorthampton 1E Ostrosky0
04/10/2022Glenmaura National 1A11-2�WAronimink 1J Lewis
05/02/2021Glenmaura National 1H011-2WLuLu 1M Crescenzo1
04/25/2021Glenmaura National 1H111-3WRunning Deer 1D Ripa0
04/18/2021Glenmaura National 1H111-3WHartefeld 1R Gracey0
04/28/2019Glenmaura National 1H101-2WHuntingdon Valley 1B Cooley1
04/14/2019Glenmaura National 1H10-1�TLittle Mill 1R Stolz1�
05/06/2018Glenmaura National 1A000-0LOverbrook 1O Mestre3
04/22/2018Glenmaura National 1A010-1LMakefield 1J Cyb2
05/07/2017Glenmaura National 1A000-0LLlanerch 1B McDermott3
04/30/2017Glenmaura National 1H111-3WPhilmont 1S Nocito0
04/23/2017Glenmaura National 1A10-1�TTavistock 1J Slonis1�
05/01/2016Glenmaura National 1A01-1�TPhila Cricket 1J Brennan1�
04/17/2016Glenmaura National 1A01-1�TMakefield 1T Harris1�
04/10/2016Glenmaura National 1A111-3WWyoming Valley 1F Bowen0
05/03/2015Glenmaura National 1A000-0LAronimink 1M Davis3
05/04/2014Glenmaura National 1A000-0LOverbrook 1C Lange3
04/27/2014Glenmaura National 1A010-1LCommonwealth 1B Diakon2
04/13/2014Glenmaura National 1H111-3WJericho National 1E Chipin0
05/05/2013Glenmaura National 1A00-LLittle Mill 1C Dazen2�
04/28/2013Glenmaura National 1H111-3WAronimink 1P Liebezeit0
04/21/2013Glenmaura National 1H101-2WBent Creek 1J Chronister1
05/06/2012Glenmaura National 1H11-2�WMoselem Springs 1M McKeone
04/29/2012Glenmaura National 1H111-3WFox Hill 1J Carroll0
04/22/2012Glenmaura National 1A111-3WPhila Cricket 1J Wybar0
05/01/2011Glenmaura National 1A00-LTavistock 1J Slonis2�
04/17/2011Glenmaura National 1A111-3WYardley 1P Sawyer0
04/10/2011Glenmaura National 1A100-1LRiverCrest 1J Bernard2
05/02/2010Glenmaura National 1A11125WPhila Country 1C Curley0
04/25/2010Glenmaura National 1A1113�WCommonwealth 1J Witt0
04/18/2010Glenmaura National 1A111�3�WLlanerch 1M Fuessinger
05/03/2009Glenmaura National 1A0112�WLinks 1T Gilligan1
04/27/2008Glenmaura National 1A11114WYardley 1E Erickson0
04/23/2006Glenmaura National 1A0101�TCC of Scranton 1M CESTONE1�
04/09/2006Glenmaura National 1A000LFieldstone 1S Danby3
05/01/2005Glenmaura National 1A11125WKennett Square 1W Ashton0
04/24/2005Glenmaura National 1H1112�5�WMerion 2P Suckow0
04/17/2005Glenmaura National 1H01�TDuPont 1J Kegelman1�
05/02/2004Glenmaura National 1H1113�WMeadia Heights 1P Over
04/25/2004Glenmaura National 1H1111�4�WBent Creek 1B Emich0
Singles Record (26-12-6)
Better Ball PointsW
Opposing Team
05/07/2023Glenmaura National 1E. JoyceA000-0LMerion 1G. Marucci/R. Valutas3
04/30/2023Glenmaura National 1E. JoyceA11-2�W1912 1C. McNicholas/G. Rosato
04/23/2023Glenmaura National 1J. BaroneA11-2�WNorth Hills 1B. Dowd/R. Curry
05/01/2022Glenmaura National 1E. EvansA11-2�WPhila Cricket 1J. Brennan/R. Gelrod
04/24/2022Glenmaura National 1E. WilliamsH111-3WNorthampton 1J. Dimler/E. Ostrosky0
04/10/2022Glenmaura National 1N. PaoneA111-3WAronimink 1J. Lewis/J. Lewis0
05/02/2021Glenmaura National 1M. DoughertyH11-2�WLuLu 1R. Riva/M. Crescenzo
04/25/2021Glenmaura National 1N. PaoneH111-3WRunning Deer 1D. Ripa/A. Usher0
04/18/2021Glenmaura National 1M. DoughertyH00-LHartefeld 1R. Fogel/R. Gracey2�
04/28/2019Glenmaura National 1E. EvansH11-2�WHuntingdon Valley 1B. Cooley/D. Pinciotti
04/14/2019Glenmaura National 1E. EvansH101-2WLittle Mill 1R. Stolz/C. Meyer1
05/06/2018Glenmaura National 1B. JacksonA000-0LOverbrook 1R. Thompson/O. Mestre3
04/22/2018Glenmaura National 1B. JacksonA011-2WMakefield 1J. Cyb/S. Lubin1
05/07/2017Glenmaura National 1M. DoughertyA000-0LLlanerch 1B. McDermott/T. Spano3
04/30/2017Glenmaura National 1M. DoughertyH111-3WPhilmont 1S. Nocito/J. Perese0
04/23/2017Glenmaura National 1J. GardasA111-3WTavistock 1J. Slonis/M. Tash0
05/01/2016Glenmaura National 1C. HudacekA11-2�WPhila Cricket 1J. Brennan/J. Wallace
04/17/2016Glenmaura National 1C. HudacekA01-1�TMakefield 1T. Harris/M. Winn1�
04/10/2016Glenmaura National 1J. GardasA111-3WWyoming Valley 1F. Schiel/F. Bowen0
05/03/2015Glenmaura National 1G. PhillipsA00-LAronimink 1P. Liebezeit/M. Davis2�
05/04/2014Glenmaura National 1C. HudacekA000-0LOverbrook 1C. Lange/C. Lange3
04/27/2014Glenmaura National 1C. HudacekA01-1�TCommonwealth 1B. Diakon/T. Sokolis1�
04/13/2014Glenmaura National 1N. PaoneH111-3WJericho National 1E. Chipin/J. Twomey0
05/05/2013Glenmaura National 1N. PaoneA000-0LLittle Mill 1T. DiCinti/C. Dazen3
04/28/2013Glenmaura National 1C. HudacekH101-2WAronimink 1P. Liebezeit/D. Elliott1
04/21/2013Glenmaura National 1C. CerminaroH100-1LBent Creek 1J. Chronister/S. Chronister2
05/06/2012Glenmaura National 1C. HudacekH111-3WMoselem Springs 1M. McKeone/N. Vecellio0
04/29/2012Glenmaura National 1C. HudacekH111-3WFox Hill 1J. Carroll/M. Hoover0
04/22/2012Glenmaura National 1C. DennisA11-2�WPhila Cricket 1S. Storck/J. Wybar
05/01/2011Glenmaura National 1S. ScarpettaA000-0LTavistock 1J. Slonis/B. Arthur3
04/17/2011Glenmaura National 1S. ScarpettaA011-2WYardley 1P. Rogowicz/P. Sawyer1
04/10/2011Glenmaura National 1S. ScarpettaA000-0LRiverCrest 1C. Bernard/J. Bernard3
05/02/2010Glenmaura National 1S. ScarpettaA1111�4�WPhila Country 1K. Collons/C. Curley0
04/25/2010Glenmaura National 1S. ScarpettaA0101�TCommonwealth 1B. Diakon/J. Witt1�
04/18/2010Glenmaura National 1S. ScarpettaA113WLlanerch 1S. Coyle/M. Fuessinger
05/03/2009Glenmaura National 1C. HudacekA01001LLinks 1J. Kelleher/T. Gilligan2�
04/27/2008Glenmaura National 1M. GrossA1111�4�WYardley 1E. Erickson/J. Boscarelli0
04/23/2006Glenmaura National 1E. CimochA0112�WCC of Scranton 1J. Tressler/M. CESTONE1
04/09/2006Glenmaura National 1S. ScarpettaA112�WFieldstone 1J. Rogatz/S. Danby
05/01/2005Glenmaura National 1G. CoyneA1111�4�WKennett Square 1W. Ashton/R. Winter0
04/24/2005Glenmaura National 1G. CoyneH11136WMerion 2P. Suckow/R. Rex0
04/17/2005Glenmaura National 1M. GrossH00000LDuPont 1C. Miller/J. Kegelman3�
05/02/2004Glenmaura National 1G. ChiavacciH0112�WMeadia Heights 1K. Nelson/P. Over1
04/25/2004Glenmaura National 1M. GrossH1001�TBent Creek 1B. Emich/R. Yarnell1�
Better Ball Record (28-12-4)

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