WeekTeamH/ASingle PointsW/LOpposing Team
Front 9Back 9Match� PtTotalTeamOpponentScore
05/01/2022Glenmaura National 1H11-2�WPhila Cricket 1M Kocent
04/24/2022Glenmaura National 1H111-3WNorthampton 1J Bingaman0
04/10/2022Glenmaura National 1H111-3WAronimink 1D Bernard0
05/02/2021Glenmaura National 1H-1�TLuLu 1R Riva1�
04/25/2021Glenmaura National 1H111-3WRunning Deer 1J Gallagher0
04/18/2021Glenmaura National 1H10-1�THartefeld 1R Fogel1�
05/05/2019Glenmaura National 1H11-2�WOld York Road 1B Clearkin
04/14/2019Glenmaura National 1H111-3WLittle Mill 1J Hornor0
05/06/2018Glenmaura National 1H010-1LOverbrook 1L Fahey2
04/29/2018Glenmaura National 1A-1�TPhila Cricket 2M Mandel1�
05/07/2017Glenmaura National 1A100-1LLlanerch 1T Spano2
04/30/2017Glenmaura National 1H111-3WPhilmont 1J Perese0
04/23/2017Glenmaura National 1H000-0LTavistock 1D Rexon3
05/01/2016Glenmaura National 1A000-0LPhila Cricket 1R Savarese, Jr.3
04/17/2016Glenmaura National 1H111-3WMakefield 1S Budenz0
05/03/2015Glenmaura National 1H000-0LAronimink 1J Klagholz3
04/26/2015Glenmaura National 1H01-1�TWhite Manor 1J Dittus1�
04/19/2015Glenmaura National 1H11-2�WTavistock 1B Arthur
05/04/2014Glenmaura National 1H00-LOverbrook 1M Kania2�
04/27/2014Glenmaura National 1H101-2WCommonwealth 1M Moffat1
04/13/2014Glenmaura National 1H111-3WJericho National 1T Stansberry0
05/05/2013Glenmaura National 1H01-1�TLittle Mill 1J Hornor1�
04/28/2013Glenmaura National 1H111-3WAronimink 1J Klagholz0
04/21/2013Glenmaura National 1H111-3WBent Creek 1A Over0
05/06/2012Glenmaura National 1A00-LMoselem Springs 1C Sakmann2�
04/29/2012Glenmaura National 1H100-1LFox Hill 1B Matthews2
04/22/2012Glenmaura National 1H00-LPhila Cricket 1J April2�
05/01/2011Glenmaura National 1H111-3WTavistock 1R Turner0
04/17/2011Glenmaura National 1H111-3WYardley 1G Bumgardner0
04/10/2011Glenmaura National 1H000-0LRiverCrest 1B Kershner3
05/02/2010Glenmaura National 1H113�WPhila Country 1J LeBoeuf
04/25/2010Glenmaura National 1H00000LCommonwealth 1S McLaughlin3�
04/18/2010Glenmaura National 1H1113�WLlanerch 1J Robertson
05/03/2009Glenmaura National 1H0112�WLinks 1B Ginter1
04/26/2009Glenmaura National 1H1112�5�WTrenton 1C Applegate0
04/19/2009Glenmaura National 1H10001LJericho National 1B Dalinka2�
05/04/2008Glenmaura National 1A1111�4�WManufacturers’ 1J Gerngross0
04/27/2008Glenmaura National 1H00000LYardley 1M Matejik3�
04/13/2008Glenmaura National 1H1012�WLlanerch 1D Poletti1
05/06/2007Glenmaura National 1A1113�WConcord 1C Stout0
04/29/2007Glenmaura National 1H01001LSandy Run 1T Conboy2�
04/22/2007Glenmaura National 1A1001�TAronimink 1G Daniels1�
04/23/2006Glenmaura National 1H01001LCC of Scranton 1T Sohns2�
05/01/2005Glenmaura National 1A11136WKennett Square 1W Thompson0
04/24/2005Glenmaura National 1A000LMerion 2J Hall2�
04/17/2005Glenmaura National 1H00000LDuPont 1M Abens4�
05/02/2004Glenmaura National 1A0101�TMeadia Heights 1C Gast1�
Singles Record (23-17-7)
Better Ball PointsW
Opposing Team
05/01/2022Glenmaura National 1N. PaoneH000-0LPhila Cricket 1M. Kocent/R. Walizer3
04/24/2022Glenmaura National 1E. EvansH111-3WNorthampton 1J. Bingaman/D. Hinckley0
04/10/2022Glenmaura National 1E. EvansH111-3WAronimink 1D. Bernard/J. Klagholz0
05/02/2021Glenmaura National 1S. Hudacek IIIH11-2�WLuLu 1R. Riva/M. Crescenzo
04/25/2021Glenmaura National 1C. DavisH111-3WRunning Deer 1J. Gallagher/J. Bennett0
04/18/2021Glenmaura National 1S. Hudacek IIIH00-LHartefeld 1R. Fogel/R. Gracey2�
05/05/2019Glenmaura National 1N. PaoneH011-2WOld York Road 1B. Clearkin/J. Rosenbaum1
04/14/2019Glenmaura National 1A. SebastianelliH111-3WLittle Mill 1Z. Arsenault/J. Hornor0
05/06/2018Glenmaura National 1C. DavisH000-0LOverbrook 1M. Kania/L. Fahey3
04/29/2018Glenmaura National 1C. DavisA11-2�WPhila Cricket 2G. Guyer/M. Mandel
05/07/2017Glenmaura National 1S. Hudacek IIIA000-0LLlanerch 1B. McDermott/T. Spano3
04/30/2017Glenmaura National 1S. Hudacek IIIH111-3WPhilmont 1S. Nocito/J. Perese0
04/23/2017Glenmaura National 1N. PaoneH100-1LTavistock 1D. Rexon/A. Warner2
05/01/2016Glenmaura National 1J. GardasA000-0LPhila Cricket 1P. Bartholomew/R. Savarese Jr.3
04/17/2016Glenmaura National 1P. MitchellH111-3WMakefield 1A. Reiss/S. Budenz0
05/03/2015Glenmaura National 1G. ChiavacciH11-2�WAronimink 1J. Klagholz/J. Fialko
04/26/2015Glenmaura National 1M. CummingsH00-LWhite Manor 1J. Dittus/J. Donnelly2�
04/19/2015Glenmaura National 1N. PaoneH11-2�WTavistock 1K. Raudenbush/B. Arthur
05/04/2014Glenmaura National 1Z. ASHWORTHH00-LOverbrook 1M. Kania/B. Loftus2�
04/27/2014Glenmaura National 1N. PaoneH101-2WCommonwealth 1M. Moffat/J. Alterman1
04/13/2014Glenmaura National 1P. MitchellH111-3WJericho National 1J. Quattrocchi/T. Stansberry0
05/05/2013Glenmaura National 1P. MitchellH011-2WLittle Mill 1J. Hornor/B. Roberts1
04/28/2013Glenmaura National 1J. EmilianiH111-3WAronimink 1J. Klagholz/K. Ford0
04/21/2013Glenmaura National 1J. EmilianiH111-3WBent Creek 1A. Over/R. Yarnell0
05/06/2012Glenmaura National 1V. ScarpettaA11-2�WMoselem Springs 1J. Barkley/C. Sakmann
04/29/2012Glenmaura National 1Z. ASHWORTHH100-1LFox Hill 1B. Matthews/A. Kondracki2
04/22/2012Glenmaura National 1Z. ASHWORTHH00-LPhila Cricket 1J. April/M. Peterson2�
05/01/2011Glenmaura National 1C. HudacekH111-3WTavistock 1D. Cusick/R. Turner0
04/17/2011Glenmaura National 1P. MitchellH111-3WYardley 1M. Dansbury/G. Bumgardner0
04/10/2011Glenmaura National 1N. PaoneH00-LRiverCrest 1A. Achenbach/B. Kershner2�
05/02/2010Glenmaura National 1J. EmilianiH11114WPhila Country 1J. LeBoeuf/D. Ashley0
04/25/2010Glenmaura National 1K. MitchellH000LCommonwealth 1S. McLaughlin/G. Liu3�
04/18/2010Glenmaura National 1C. DennisH0101�TLlanerch 1J. Robertson/C. Reighard1�
05/03/2009Glenmaura National 1N. ReachH01001LLinks 1T. DiCinti/B. Ginter2�
04/26/2009Glenmaura National 1G. CoyneH0112�WTrenton 1C. GUNSEL/C. Applegate1
04/19/2009Glenmaura National 1C. ColdwaterH112�WJericho National 1B. Dalinka/W. Bartolacci
05/04/2008Glenmaura National 1K. MitchellA1113�WManufacturers’ 1D. O’Malley/J. Gerngross
04/27/2008Glenmaura National 1C. DavisH10001LYardley 1M. Miller/M. Matejik2�
04/13/2008Glenmaura National 1J. EmilianiH1012�WLlanerch 1D. Poletti/M. Haney1
05/06/2007Glenmaura National 1E. GregorczykA11114WConcord 1C. Stout/D. Woods0
04/29/2007Glenmaura National 1J. HorutzH0112�WSandy Run 1T. Conboy/M. Shoup1
04/22/2007Glenmaura National 1J. HorutzA000LAronimink 1G. Daniels/K. Gallagher2�
04/23/2006Glenmaura National 1J. HorutzH00000LCC of Scranton 1T. Sohns/C. Erhard4
05/01/2005Glenmaura National 1M. HooverA1112�5�WKennett Square 1W. Thompson/C. Heinbach0
04/24/2005Glenmaura National 1E. CimochA112�WMerion 2M. Flinn/J. Hall
04/17/2005Glenmaura National 1M. HooverH00000LDuPont 1M. Abens/W. Conway4
05/02/2004Glenmaura National 1G. CoyneA00000LMeadia Heights 1K. Stutz/C. Gast3�
Better Ball Record (28-18-1)

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