WeekTeamH/ASingle PointsW/LOpposing Team
Front 9Back 9Match� PtTotalTeamOpponentScore
05/02/2021Phila Cricket 2A01-1�TPhila Cricket 1S Storck1�
04/25/2021Phila Cricket 2H010-1LLittle Mill 1Z Falone2
04/18/2021Phila Cricket 2A010-1LLedgeRock 1W Smith2
05/05/2019Phila Cricket 1A000-0LLuLu 1M Crescenzo3
04/28/2019Phila Cricket 1A000-0LAronimink 1D Elliott3
04/14/2019Phila Cricket 1A00-LMakefield 1A Reiss2�
05/06/2018Phila Cricket 1A11-2�WCommonwealth 1B Diakon
04/29/2018Phila Cricket 1A111-3WApplebrook 1J Willcox0
04/22/2018Phila Cricket 1A11-2�WSaucon Valley 1T Bartolacci
05/07/2017Phila Cricket 2A011-2WHuntingdon Valley 1T Bartolacci1
04/30/2017Phila Cricket 1A111-3WOverbrook 1R Thompson0
04/23/2017Phila Cricket 1A111-3WLancaster 1J Werst0
05/01/2016Phila Cricket 1A11-2�WGlenmaura National 1G Steiger
04/17/2016Phila Cricket 1A00-LWyoming Valley 1T Biscotti2�
04/10/2016Phila Cricket 1A111-3WMakefield 1A Reiss0
05/03/2015Phila Cricket 1A101-2WBack Creek 1T Freeh1
04/26/2015Phila Cricket 1A11-2�WCommonwealth 1A Jacoby
04/19/2015Phila Cricket 1A11-2�WMercer Oaks 1D MCMAHON
05/04/2014Phila Cricket 1A11-2�WLlanerch 1S Coyle
04/27/2014Phila Cricket 2H111-3WCC of Scranton 1J Knowles0
04/13/2014Phila Cricket 1A000-0LLaurel Creek 1M LaGrasso3
05/05/2013Phila Cricket 1A010-1LMercer Oaks 1M Winn2
04/28/2013Phila Cricket 1A000-0LMeadia Heights 1C Gast3
04/21/2013Phila Cricket 1A011-2WOld York (NJ) 1W Sawka1
05/06/2012Phila Cricket 1A10-1�TFox Hill 1J Mikiewicz1�
04/29/2012Phila Cricket 1A101-2WMoselem Springs 1T Michalek1
04/22/2012Phila Cricket 1A111-3WGlenmaura National 1N Biondi0
05/01/2011Commonwealth 1H11-2�WFox Hill 1M Hoover
04/17/2011Commonwealth 1H111-3WHuntingdon Valley 1C Scott0
04/10/2011Commonwealth 1A000-0LHartefeld 1M Agnew3
05/02/2010Commonwealth 1A00000LLlanerch 1J Osberg4�
04/25/2010Commonwealth 1A01001LGlenmaura National 1P Mitchell2�
04/18/2010Commonwealth 1A0112�WPhila Country 1J Finegan1
05/03/2009Commonwealth 1H112�WHuntingdon Valley 1D Gregor
04/26/2009Commonwealth 1A11114WManufacturers’ 1R Tunstall0
04/19/2009Commonwealth 1A01001LMerion 1P Knott2�
05/04/2008Commonwealth 1H00000LMoselem Springs 1C Storck4�
04/27/2008Commonwealth 1H1111�4�WWilmington 1W Gordon0
04/13/2008Commonwealth 1A1111�4�WWedgwood 1C Hunger0
05/06/2007Commonwealth 1H112�WCavaliers 1B Reed
04/29/2007Commonwealth 1A000LPhila Country 1D Ashley3
04/22/2007Commonwealth 1A113WFox Hill 1R Laneski
04/30/2006Commonwealth 1H113�WPhila Cricket 1M Peterson
04/23/2006Commonwealth 1H1001�TMerion 1B Charpek1�
04/09/2006Commonwealth 1H1111�4�WLancaster 1B Miller0
Singles Record (27-15-3)
Better Ball PointsW
Opposing Team
05/02/2021Phila Cricket 2R. McDonaldA000-0LPhila Cricket 1M. McGuckin/S. Storck3
04/25/2021Phila Cricket 2R. McDonaldH011-2WLittle Mill 1T. Vannucci/Z. Falone1
04/18/2021Phila Cricket 2R. McDonaldA01-1�TLedgeRock 1W. Smith/C. Storck1�
05/05/2019Phila Cricket 1C. BermanA000-0LLuLu 1M. Crescenzo/P. Acierno3
04/28/2019Phila Cricket 1S. SemenetzA010-1LAronimink 1R. Welsh/D. Elliott2
04/14/2019Phila Cricket 1S. SemenetzA011-2WMakefield 1J. Cyb/A. Reiss1
05/06/2018Phila Cricket 1K. KellyA011-2WCommonwealth 1B. Diakon/T. Summers1
04/29/2018Phila Cricket 1M. KocentA111-3WApplebrook 1J. Willcox/S. Minnick0
04/22/2018Phila Cricket 1M. MandelA111-3WSaucon Valley 1T. Bartolacci/K. Durocher0
05/07/2017Phila Cricket 2M. KocentA00-LHuntingdon Valley 1T. Bartolacci/M. Gregor2�
04/30/2017Phila Cricket 1J. WallaceA11-2�WOverbrook 1R. Thompson/O. Mestre
04/23/2017Phila Cricket 1S. SemenetzA111-3WLancaster 1S. WERST/J. Werst0
05/01/2016Phila Cricket 1B. BorstA00-LGlenmaura National 1G. Steiger/M. Hoover2�
04/17/2016Phila Cricket 1K. KellyA00-LWyoming Valley 1T. Biscotti/B. Shoemaker2�
04/10/2016Phila Cricket 1P. BartholomewA111-3WMakefield 1A. Reiss/A. Strock0
05/03/2015Phila Cricket 1M. MandelA00-LBack Creek 1J. Whitby/T. Freeh2�
04/26/2015Phila Cricket 1J. BrennanA111-3WCommonwealth 1B. Diakon/A. Jacoby0
04/19/2015Phila Cricket 1J. BrennanA11-2�WMercer Oaks 1J. VanHyning/D. MCMAHON
05/04/2014Phila Cricket 1K. KellyA111-3WLlanerch 1B. Murdock/S. Coyle0
04/27/2014Phila Cricket 2G. DoughertyH11-2�WCC of Scranton 1J. Knowles/J. Haggerty
04/13/2014Phila Cricket 1K. KellyA11-2�WLaurel Creek 1R. VanEtten/M. LaGrasso
05/05/2013Phila Cricket 1J. WallaceA111-3WMercer Oaks 1M. O'Connell/M. Winn0
04/28/2013Phila Cricket 1M. MandelA000-0LMeadia Heights 1M. Dano/C. Gast3
04/21/2013Phila Cricket 1M. MandelA011-2WOld York (NJ) 1G. Baldachino/W. Sawka1
05/06/2012Phila Cricket 1J. BrennanA111-3WFox Hill 1W. Burke/J. Mikiewicz0
04/29/2012Phila Cricket 1S. StorckA101-2WMoselem Springs 1G. Skyllas/T. Michalek1
04/22/2012Phila Cricket 1J. WallaceA111-3WGlenmaura National 1P. Mitchell/N. Biondi0
05/01/2011Commonwealth 1J. RobinsonH111-3WFox Hill 1M. Hoover/B. Carroll0
04/17/2011Commonwealth 1M. KerriganH111-3WHuntingdon Valley 1C. Scott/D. Gregor0
04/10/2011Commonwealth 1S. CarneyA011-2WHartefeld 1M. Agnew/A. Straub1
05/02/2010Commonwealth 1M. BellisA00000LLlanerch 1J. Osberg/J. Berenato4�
04/25/2010Commonwealth 1C. McNicholasA000LGlenmaura National 1P. Mitchell/C. Coldwater2�
04/18/2010Commonwealth 1T. KrugA1113�WPhila Country 1J. Finegan/J. Finegan0
05/03/2009Commonwealth 1K. SimH1111�4�WHuntingdon Valley 1D. Gregor/K. Bondi0
04/26/2009Commonwealth 1C. McNicholasA1012�WManufacturers’ 1R. Tunstall/G. Root1
04/19/2009Commonwealth 1G. LiuA01001LMerion 1P. Knott/B. Charpek2�
05/04/2008Commonwealth 1J. FerreroH00000LMoselem Springs 1C. Storck/L. Schultz3�
04/27/2008Commonwealth 1J. FerreroH1111�4�WWilmington 1W. Gordon/D. MacKelcan0
04/13/2008Commonwealth 1C. ReighardA1111�4�WWedgwood 1C. Hunger/J. Gillespie0
05/06/2007Commonwealth 1J. RobinsonH00000LCavaliers 1W. Smith/B. Reed3�
04/29/2007Commonwealth 1K. SimA1001�TPhila Country 1D. Ashley/C. Siegfried1�
04/22/2007Commonwealth 1J. RobinsonA0112�WFox Hill 1C. Robinson/R. Laneski1
04/30/2006Commonwealth 1A. JacobyH113WPhila Cricket 1M. Peterson/W. Woolbert
04/23/2006Commonwealth 1A. JacobyH1012�WMerion 1B. Charpek/F. Jones1
04/09/2006Commonwealth 1M. BellisH1001�TLancaster 1B. Miller/C. Lefever1�
Better Ball Record (29-13-3)

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