WeekTeamH/ASingle PointsW/LOpposing Team
Front 9Back 9Match� PtTotalTeamOpponentScore
05/01/2022Glenmaura National 1H00-LPhila Cricket 1M Benevento2�
04/24/2022Glenmaura National 1H11-2�WNorthampton 1C Hess
04/10/2022Glenmaura National 1H111-3WAronimink 1F Rosato0
05/02/2021Pocono Farms 1A111-3WCC of Scranton 2A Bell0
04/25/2021Pocono Farms 1H111-3WMoselem Springs 2J Lelii0
04/18/2021Pocono Farms 1A111-3WGlenmaura National 3E Bartels0
04/14/2019Pocono Farms 1H111-3WShawnee 1S Smith0
05/06/2018Glenmaura National 1H00-LOverbrook 1J Kania2�
04/29/2018Glenmaura National 1H11-2�WPhila Cricket 2G Dougherty
04/22/2018Glenmaura National 1H11-2�WMakefield 1D Charen
05/07/2017Glenmaura National 1H101-2WLlanerch 1J Wingerter1
04/30/2017Glenmaura National 1A111-3WPhilmont 1A Orchinik0
04/23/2017Glenmaura National 1H111-3WTavistock 1J Van Schalkwyk0
05/01/2016Glenmaura National 1H00-LPhila Cricket 1C Von Borsig2�
04/17/2016Glenmaura National 1H111-3WMakefield 1A Reiss0
04/10/2016Glenmaura National 1H011-2WWyoming Valley 1A Brunn1
05/03/2015Glenmaura National 1H000-0LAronimink 1C Siegfried3
04/26/2015Glenmaura National 1H011-2WWhite Manor 1M Lamond1
04/19/2015Glenmaura National 1H111-3WTavistock 1C Dazen0
05/04/2014Glenmaura National 1H000-0LOverbrook 1B McFadden3
04/27/2014Glenmaura National 1H101-2WCommonwealth 1S McLaughlin1
04/13/2014Glenmaura National 1H111-3WJericho National 1J Quattrocchi0
05/05/2013Glenmaura National 1H111-3WLittle Mill 1B Roberts0
04/28/2013Glenmaura National 1H11-2�WAronimink 1J Fialko
04/21/2013Glenmaura National 1H000-0LBent Creek 1M Maurer3
05/06/2012Glenmaura National 1H011-2WMoselem Springs 1T Michalek1
04/29/2012Glenmaura National 1A101-2WFox Hill 1D Crossin1
04/22/2012Glenmaura National 1H010-1LPhila Cricket 1J Wallace2
05/01/2011Glenmaura National 1H000-0LTavistock 1W McGuinness3
04/17/2011Glenmaura National 1H111-3WYardley 1M Dansbury0
04/10/2011Glenmaura National 1H000-0LRiverCrest 1R Dziak3
05/02/2010Glenmaura National 1H1111�4�WPhila Country 1T Brennan0
04/25/2010Glenmaura National 1H1012�WCommonwealth 1R Gelrod1
04/18/2010Glenmaura National 1A10001LLlanerch 1B McDermott2�
05/03/2009Glenmaura National 1A00000LLinks 1E Githens5�
04/26/2009Glenmaura National 1A01001LTrenton 1M Minter2�
04/19/2009Glenmaura National 1A1111�4�WJericho National 1M Hutchinson0
05/04/2008Glenmaura National 1A00000LManufacturers’ 1P Williamson4�
04/27/2008Glenmaura National 1H1111�4�WYardley 1P Sawyer0
04/13/2008Glenmaura National 1A01001LLlanerch 1K McDermott2�
Singles Record (26-14-0)
Better Ball PointsW
Opposing Team
05/01/2022Glenmaura National 1G. SteigerH000-0LPhila Cricket 1M. Benevento/B. Mahoney3
04/24/2022Glenmaura National 1G. SteigerH11-2�WNorthampton 1C. Hess/B. Evans
04/10/2022Glenmaura National 1N. PariseH111-3WAronimink 1F. Rosato/H. Stetson0
05/02/2021Pocono Farms 1D. BaroneA111-3WCC of Scranton 2A. Bell/B. Bell0
04/25/2021Pocono Farms 1M. BryndziaH111-3WMoselem Springs 2J. Lelii/B. Wolfe0
04/18/2021Pocono Farms 1D. BaroneA111-3WGlenmaura National 3A. Parise/E. Bartels0
04/14/2019Pocono Farms 1C. BoyleH111-3WShawnee 1S. Smith/D. Bowman0
05/06/2018Glenmaura National 1D. MeccaH00-LOverbrook 1J. Kania/R. Cunningham2�
04/29/2018Glenmaura National 1D. MeccaH111-3WPhila Cricket 2G. Dougherty/S. O’Sullivan0
04/22/2018Glenmaura National 1N. PaoneH00-LMakefield 1D. Charen/G. DeLuca2�
05/07/2017Glenmaura National 1K. HaagH101-2WLlanerch 1J. Wingerter/S. Seiden1
04/30/2017Glenmaura National 1N. PaoneA111-3WPhilmont 1L. Pearson/A. Orchinik0
04/23/2017Glenmaura National 1K. HaagH111-3WTavistock 1J. Van Schalkwyk/D. Guertler0
05/01/2016Glenmaura National 1M. NietoH100-1LPhila Cricket 1C. Von Borsig/S. Semenetz2
04/17/2016Glenmaura National 1M. DoughertyH111-3WMakefield 1A. Reiss/S. Budenz0
04/10/2016Glenmaura National 1C. HudacekH111-3WWyoming Valley 1A. Brunn/S. Barth0
05/03/2015Glenmaura National 1C. DennisH000-0LAronimink 1C. Siegfried/M. Siegfried3
04/26/2015Glenmaura National 1C. DennisH010-1LWhite Manor 1M. Lamond/N. Anderson2
04/19/2015Glenmaura National 1C. DennisH010-1LTavistock 1A. Warner/C. Dazen2
05/04/2014Glenmaura National 1C. CerminaroH00-LOverbrook 1B. McFadden/M. Walsh2�
04/27/2014Glenmaura National 1C. CerminaroH11-2�WCommonwealth 1S. McLaughlin/T. Krug
04/13/2014Glenmaura National 1M. DoughertyH111-3WJericho National 1J. Quattrocchi/T. Stansberry0
05/05/2013Glenmaura National 1M. DoughertyH011-2WLittle Mill 1J. Hornor/B. Roberts1
04/28/2013Glenmaura National 1C. CerminaroH111-3WAronimink 1J. Fialko/M. Boden0
04/21/2013Glenmaura National 1Z. ASHWORTHH11-2�WBent Creek 1M. Maurer/T. Gerz
05/06/2012Glenmaura National 1J. EmilianiH010-1LMoselem Springs 1P. Landis/T. Michalek2
04/29/2012Glenmaura National 1N. BiondiA101-2WFox Hill 1J. Angelella/D. Crossin1
04/22/2012Glenmaura National 1N. BiondiH000-0LPhila Cricket 1J. Wallace/R. Gelrod3
05/01/2011Glenmaura National 1E. GregorczykH000-0LTavistock 1W. McGuinness/B. Gomez3
04/17/2011Glenmaura National 1M. DoughertyH111-3WYardley 1M. Dansbury/G. Bumgardner0
04/10/2011Glenmaura National 1G. ChiavacciH00-LRiverCrest 1R. Dziak/C. LaBarbera2�
05/02/2010Glenmaura National 1C. DennisH1112�5�WPhila Country 1T. Brennan/W. Keane0
04/25/2010Glenmaura National 1C. ColdwaterH112�WCommonwealth 1R. Gelrod/C. McNicholas
04/18/2010Glenmaura National 1K. MitchellA10001LLlanerch 1B. McDermott/D. Atkinson2�
05/03/2009Glenmaura National 1K. MitchellA00000LLinks 1E. Githens/R. Dewitt4�
04/26/2009Glenmaura National 1K. MitchellA0112�WTrenton 1M. Minter/A. Strock1
04/19/2009Glenmaura National 1S. ScarpettaA000LJericho National 1M. Donovan/M. Hutchinson2�
05/04/2008Glenmaura National 1M. GrossA00000LManufacturers’ 1P. Williamson/R. Pogyor4
04/27/2008Glenmaura National 1R. GrossH00000LYardley 1D. Charen/P. Sawyer4�
04/13/2008Glenmaura National 1C. DavisA01�TLlanerch 1S. Coyle/K. McDermott1�
Better Ball Record (22-17-1)

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