107th Amateur Championship
107th Amateur Championship
Updated: 6/12/2007 8:01 pm EDT

Round of 32

Match     Hole
1Davis, Kyle, Fieldstone Golf Club<4 and 2 Moffat, Michael, Commonwealth National Golf ClubF
2Gillespie, Brian, St. Davids Golf Club 3 and 1>Siegfried, Cory, Philadelphia Country ClubF
3Borowsky, Alan, White Manor Country Club 1 up>Gramigna, Thomas, Tavistock Country ClubF
4Arouca, Philip, Philadelphia Publinks GA<2 and 1 West, David, Whitford Country ClubF
5Willcox, Cole, Philadelphia Country Club<1 up Kania, Jr., James, Overbrook Golf ClubF
6Galbreath, Jr., Robert, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 1 up>Lange, Christopher, Overbrook Golf ClubF
7McDermott, Michael, Merion Golf Club<2 and 1 McCarty, Ryan, Little Mill Country ClubF
8McGuinness, William, Tavistock Country Club<4 and 3 Arnold, Stephen, Yardley Country ClubF
9Duncan, Chase, Meadia Heights Golf Club 1 up>Lutz, Chip, LedgeRock Golf ClubF
10Schroer, Douglas, St. Davids Golf Club 2 and 1>Gallagher, Chris, Penn Oaks Golf ClubF
11Bartholomew, Philip, Yardley Country Club<4 and 3 Sullivan, Jr., James, Huntingdon Valley Country ClubF
12Zelner, Douglas, Coatesville Country Club 3 and 1>Smeraglio, Glenn, Yardley Country ClubF
13Von Borsig, Conrad, Concord Country Club<5 and 4 Pelet, John Michael, Wyncote Golf ClubF
14Miller, Mark, Yardley Country Club<4 and 2 Murray, Bill, Merchantville Country ClubF
15Seiden, Stephen, Concord Country Club<19 holes Wessner, Donny, Golden Oaks Golf ClubF
16Slonis, Jamie, Tavistock Country Club 20 holes>McCool, Robin, Saucon Valley Country ClubF

The asterisk (*) indicates starting on the 10th tee.