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Dottie Pepper speaks during the 2014 Presidents’ Council at Waynesborough Country Club.

• Annual Meeting — End of season meeting.
• Breakfast Seminars — Breakfast Seminars are conducted periodically to offer Member Club officials the opportunity to network and exchange ideas on timely issues affecting the industry. During the seminars, highly-regarded guest speakers present insight on topic of interest as well as guide discussion.
• Course Marking Seminar — Seminar to help Member Club golf professionals and superintendents learn the intricacies of course marking and setup.
• Club Rules Seminar — Annual seminar to provide continuing education of the Rules of Golf. The 2018 Rules Seminar will be held in the fall because of impending rules changes in 2019.
• College Golf Seminar — The College Golf Seminar aims to educate high school student-athletes on golf at the collegiate level by providing experts in the field. It is held in alternating years each fall.
• Environmental Conference — Day-long seminar for Member Club officials on key environmental concerns.
• Player’s Dinner - A dinner to recognize the top players from each competitive division, including all of the year’s prior champions.
• Presidents’ Council — Seminar for key officials, General Managers and Presidents of Member Clubs on key topics and issues.
• Pro.-President, Golf & Green — Lunch, golf and dinner with featured speaker for the Golf Professional, President, Golf Chairman and Green’s Chairman of Member Clubs.